BLOG -Summer 2017

Day 25 – Eilat

Dear NCSY NJ TJJ Bus 6 Family, Shalom from Eilat!! Today was an amazing day spent mostly on the Red Sea!! We went banana boating, snorkeling and tubing! It was quite a fast and wet day out at sea! Following a stop at the hostel

Day 24 – Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea and Eilat

Dear NCSY NJ TJJ Bus 6 Family, Greetings from the lowest place on Earth! Bus 6 had an EARLY start this morning (6:30!) so that we could fit all of our amazing plans into one jam packed day! We arrived at Masada around 10:00am so

Day 15 – Gush Etzion

Dear NCSY NJ TJJ Bus 6 Family, Thursday we left Tel Aviv in the morning and made our way to Gush Etzion for another day of fun and learning. We all rode a zip line suspended 360 ft in the air reaching speeds of 40

Day 14 – Jerusalem

Dear NCSY NJ TJJ Bus 6 Family, Hello! Today was a highlight of our trip to Israel. After traveling in the northern Golan and Galilee, the southern Negev, the coastal cities, we finally arrived at the heart of Israel – Jerusalem. We first stopped at

Day 9 – Tzefat

Dear NCSY NJ TJJ Bus 6 Family, Regards from Tzefat!! Friday was a fantastic day as we toured the holy city of Tzefat. We started by visiting the synagogue of the Arizal, one of the most prominent Rabbis to have lived in Tzefat and one