Day 24 – Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea and Eilat

Dear NCSY NJ TJJ Bus 6 Family,

Greetings from the lowest place on Earth!

Bus 6 had an EARLY start this morning (6:30!) so that we could fit all of our amazing plans into one jam packed day! We arrived at Masada around 10:00am so that we could have ample time to learn about its origins and why it is a major symbol of Israeli resistance, all while beating the heat. By the time we were ready to leave everyone was melting!

We then made our way to Ein Gedi where everyone rushed through the streams and rocky terrain on our way to enjoying a dip in the natural pools and waterfalls. We also learned about Ein Gedi’s biblical significance.

We then went straight for the Dead Sea, the lowest elevation on planet earth, in order to cool off. Everyone had a great time floating and gathering minerals and mud. You could say we turned the Dead Sea into our very own lazy river!

Then it was time for the long drive to Eilat. We arrived, ate burgers and unloaded our bus.

Tomorrow we look forward to a fun day of water sports in the beautiful Gulf of Aqaba in Eilat.

Rabbi Shmulie Greene