Day 26 – Har Tzfachot, Rappelling and Bayit Vegan

Dear NCSY TJJ NJ Bus 6 Family,

We are getting ready to come home!

Our day began at 4AM as we woke up to scale Har Tzfachot and watch the sunrise over Eilat. Although climbing a mountain at anytime of day is difficult, getting to the top of Har Tzfachot and seeing the beautiful sky made it worth it.

After saying goodbye to Eilat we started our journey North but stopped at Machtesh Ramon where we not only enjoyed the spectacular views but even took the opportunity to rappel down its side!!

Once we hit the road again we were tired! Many bus naps were had (sweet dreams!).

We arrived back in Bayit Vegan in Jerusalem and headed straight to our celebratory “banquet” where each teen received their own Siddur and a hand picked Jewish book to continue their Jewish journey after TJJ.

We are now getting ready for our trip home tomorrow and we will see all of you in New Jersey on Wednesday night!

Rabbi Shmulie Greene